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Proof of global warming in the West this winter?

The red admiral was caught on camera in Dorset on 7 December Credit: Jenny Mac

Now here's some proof that the recent mild weather is having an effect on wildlife in the west country.

This photo of a red admiral was taken by a viewer in Sherborne in Dorset on 7 December. It may or may not be a sign of global warming but butterflies certainly seem to be responding to an increase in temperatures. Apparently, several species can regularly be spotted on sunny days in December.

Daffodils in full bloom in Witcombe in Gloucester Credit: Carol Wager

And while we're about it, check out these daffs - spotted by a viewer in full bloom by the road in Witcombe in Gloucester yesterday, 15 December. Carol Wager wonders if they are the first daffodils of 'next' year.

It makes you wonder what we'll see next...

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