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Eight swans-a-swimming at Slimbridge

The largest Bewick's swan family ever recorded has arrived at the Wildfowl and Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire.

'Everton', and his new mate 'Rovers' have brought their six cygnets with them. They've joined 200 more of the threatened wild swans after a 2,500 mile journey from arctic Russia.

It may be "seven swans-a-swimming" in the carol but Slimbridge has gone one up!

Everton is on the left and Rovers is right of the six youngsters. The swan in front is just a passer-by Credit: James Lees


Not too cold for mallard ducklings, who hatch way out of season

This wild mallard has shocked staff with her early brood Credit: Slimbridge Wetlands Centre

A wild duck has caused a stir in Slimbridge by hatching a brood of ducklings completely out of season.

You'd normally expect to see these mallard youngsters in the spring and summer months. The ducklings are thought to be only two-days-old. Over the next couple of weeks they will grow quickly and develop feathers.

Disadvantaged children to experience Slimbridge

The scheme funded by Western Power aims to get more youngsters to experience the natural world Credit: ITV West

A group of disadvantaged school children from Gloucester will get closer to nature today when they visit Slimbridge Wetland Centre. It's part of the 'Inspiring Generations Appeal' run by Western Power which aims to introduce youngsters to the natural world.

The funding from Western Power is expected to allow nearly 350 children to take part in the scheme in the coming months.

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