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Dewani ruling due in 20 days

Shrien Dewani. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

A judge deciding whether Bristol businessman Shrien Dewani should face trial in South Africa will give his ruling on July 24th.

Mr Dewani is facing charges there for allegedly arranging the murder of his wife Anni, who was shot dead on their honeymoon in November 2010. He denies any involvement in the killing but his lawyers say he is suffering from depression and too ill to be extradited.

Dewani would be an 'exception' if extradited

Shrien Dewani. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire/Press Association Images

South African authorities would make "an exception" for Bristol honeymoon murder accused Shrien Dewani by allowing him mainstream mental health treatment instead of sending him to a forensic unit, a court has heard.

Psychiatrist Dr Ian Cumming told Westminster Magistrates' Court he had visited the country and been reassured the businessman would be admitted to a general ward at Valkenberg Hospital in Cape Town, rather than a unit where people are sent by the courts.

33 year old Mr Dewani is accused of plotting the death of his 28-year-old wife Anni, who was shot as the couple travelled in a taxi on the outskirts of Cape Town in November 2010.

He is facing extradition to South Africa to face trial over her murder, in which he denies any involvement.

Dewani 'should be sent to South Africa' to face trial, court hears

The Bristol businessman accused of arranging the murder of his wife while on their honeymoom in South Africa is still suffering a range of mental illnesses, a court has heard. But a lawyer told the extradition hearing that he is improving, and should be sent to South Africa to stand trial.

Shrien Dewani is still receiving treatment at a psychiatric unit in Bristol, and was not at the hearing in London. Bob Constantine reports.


Extradition proceedings against Dewani resume

Shrien Dewani Credit: PA

Extradition proceedings against Bristol businessman Shrien Dewani are set to resume at Westminster Magistrates' Court today.

He's wanted to face trial in South Africa after his wife Anni died on honeymoon there in November 2010. The 32-year-old denies plotting to kill her.

Three South African men have been jailed over her murder.

Shrien Dewani suffers a relapse

Shrien Dewani at a bail hearing in February 2011 Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

A court has heard that a Bristol businessman accused of being involved in the murder of his wife while on their honeymoon in South Africa has had a relapse. Shrien Dewani, who is 33, is being treated at a hospital in Bristol for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Westminster Magistrates' Court was told he was taken off medication after a bad reaction. He has been sectioned for another 12 months under the Mental Health Act.

A full extradition hearing will still go ahead on 1 July.

Anni Dewani was shot when the taxi the couple were using was hijacked in a Cape Town township in 2010. Mr Dewani denies any involvement in her death.

Three South African men have been jailed for life over Mrs Dewani's murder.

Dewani "terrified of car travel"

Shrien Dewani's mental health has worsened, according to his lawyer Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

A Bristol businessman wanted in South Africa over the honeymoon murder of his wife in a taxi is now terrified of travelling by car, his lawyer told a court today.

Shrien Dewani is currently being treated in a secure mental health hospital for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder so he can be extradited to face the charges.

Dewani's 28-year-old wife Anni was shot when a taxi the couple were travelling in was hijacked in the Gugulethu township on the outskirts of Cape Town in 2010.

His lawyer, Clare Montgomery, told Westminster Magistrates' Court the symptoms he's suffering have worsened, making him a "husk of a man".

She said: "He cannot travel by car as he has a severe reaction, he doesn't want to get into a travelling car or go outside.

"He doesn't even want to go to the shops on his own," she added as the conditions of his bail were discussed.

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