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Prime Minister visits railway repairs at Dawlish

The Prime Minister has said that he wants to see a train line at Dawlish continue to operate - despite the battering it's taken in the storms. He was visiting the town today to see the work being done to get the route fixed.

There's growing pressure for the Government to explore alternatives - and while he acknowledged the need to look at different options - his message was that they were committed to a coastal line. Seth Conway has the story.


PM visits Dawlish & will hold press conference this PM

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has been to see the work on the storm-damaged rail track at Dawlish in Devon. He says the Government is bringing all its resources to repair the railway, which links the West Country with the rest of England.

It's one of a number of visits he's been making to flood-hit and storm-damaged communities today and yesterday. Mr Cameron says he will use the information for a plan of action to be revealed at a press conference this afternoon.

PM facing many questions in Dawlish

Flooding is not the only issue David Cameron faces in Dawlish Credit: ITV news West Country

David Cameron arrived at Dawlish Station a little earlier to see the damage to the railway. He's also meeting local business leaders who are worried about the impact the news about the town will have on the Half term and Easter holiday trade.

An anti HS2 protestor also made her point as he drove past.

There are fears the weather will have on holiday and Easter trade Credit: ITV news West Country

PM meets volunteers in Dawlish

Anne Marie Morris the MP for Teignbridge has tweeted this photo of David Cameron meeting volunteers in Dawlish. The Prime Minister is spending a second day in the region hearing from those worst affected by the floods.


PM spends second day in the South West

The Prime Minister David Cameron is spending a second day in the South West. He'll continue to visit parts of the region worst affected by the floods, as more bad weather is forecast.

David Cameron spends a second day in the South West

David Cameron in the region yesterday Credit: ITV News West Country

The Prime Minister David Cameron is spending a second day in the South West.

He'll be continuing with his visit to the area's worst affected by the floods, as parts of the region brace themselves for more bad weather to come.

He's given lukewarm backing to Lord Smith, the chairman of the Environment Agency, over his response to the flooding, saying now is "not the time to change personnel".