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No 'Happyland' return for Banksy to Weston

Dismaland drew the crowds to Weston-super-Mare during August and September 2015 Credit: PA

Hopes that the elusive urban artist Banksy might be returning to Weston-super-Mare have been dashed after the council denied any such rumours.

The Bristol artist pulled in the crowds in August and September 2016 with his antidote to theme parks, Dismaland, which he built in the former Tropicana on the seafront.

A Facebook group has claimed that he would be returning to the same venue with Happyland - in contrast to the miserable set up which proved so popular with visitors of all ages.

But any speculation has been quashed by North Somerset Council which says lots of events are planned for the Tropicana over the summer but none of them are Banksy's

The Tropicana is hosting a range of events... but not one organised by Banksy Credit: ITV News


Celebrity drops into Dismaland

The star of American comedy series "How I met Your Mother" dropped into Dismaland just before it closed.

Neil Patrick Harris, who first came to fame as "Doogie Howser" was visiting with his husband David Burtka (on the left in the picture).

The star described the work as "One of the amazing Banksy pieces at Dismaland in Somerset, England".

And "One of the reasons David and I aren't into gulls".


Dismaland timber heading to refugees in Calais

All the timber will be sent to the refugee camp at Calais Credit:

Ahead of it's closure this evening (Sun 10pm) an announcement on the Dismaland website has declared that all timber and fixtures will be sent to the refugee camp near Calais to build shelters.

After 5 weeks, the exhibition in Weston will close it's doors for the final time. Around 150 thousand people have visited the site at the Tropicana.

All the timber and fixtures from Dismaland are being sent to the ‘jungle’ refugee camp near Calais to build shelters. No online tickets will be available.


Queues build on Dismaland's final day

It may be one of the most Dismal experiences in the region, but Banksy's Dismaland is still drawing thousands of visitors to Weston. Today (Sun) the queue for tickets began earlier than normal, because today is the final chance to see behind the walls of the old Tropicana and all the exhibits on offer.

Queues build on the final day of the Dismaland exhibition Credit: ITV News West Country

Since the attraction opened 5 weeks ago more than 150,00 visitors have been to see the mysterious exhibition.

A fire-ravaged Disney-style castle has been the star attraction of the secret exhibition as well as a Punch and Judy style exhibition with references to Jimmy Savile.

Dismaland also included a cinema, circus tent and amusement arcade - all with unique twists.

It's estimated that the exhibition boosted the tourism industry in Weston-super-Mare, by an estimated £20 million in the time it was open.

Numerous famous faces visited the 2.5 acres site, including Ant and Dec, Jude Law, Neil Patrick Harris, Russell Brand and Jack Black.

Artwork from Banksy's Dismaland up for sale on Ebay

The 40ft instillation was created by Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps Credit: Dismaland

An art instillation from Banksy's Dismaland has gone on sale on the popular auction site Ebay with the billboard expected to fetch thousands of pounds.

Known as ' The Shove', the giant billboard features a picture of David Cameron holding a glass of champagne with a city backdrop, being crumpled up.

The 40ft instillation was created by Kennardphillipps, made up of Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps, who said they wanted it to go to a "public home" once the park had closed it's doors.

Describing the artwork on the website, the artists say "It's been a wonderful, wonderful time, but like all happy times it must melt away now until the next time.

"This billboard did it's job good in Dismaland. Now where's it going to go next? Maybe in a field of pigs?

"Roll up roll up, who's got a good place to take the fight back further."

It currently has 24 bidders and has reached £673.00 with bidding ending on the 29th Sept.

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