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  1. Caron Bell

'Pee-Power' toilet trialled in Bristol

Bristol's leading the way in human waste recycling. Scientists at the University of the West of England have invented a pee-powered light-up toilet.

Caron Bell reports.

Launch of the 'Pee-Power' toilet

University of the West of England and Oxfam generate pee power toilet Credit: ITV

Researchers at the University of the West of England have developed a urinal that generates electricity as you pee.

It's a joint project with Oxfam which it's hoped will provide light for cubicles in refugee camps which can be dark and dangerous places.

The technology is being described as a huge step forward in green power generation.

Oxfam is an expert at providing sanitation in disaster zones, and it is always a challenge to light inaccessible areas far from a power supply. This technology is a huge step forward.

Living in a refugee camp is hard enough without the added threat of being assaulted in dark places at night. The potential of this invention is huge.

– Andy Bastable, Head of Water and Sanitation at Oxfam


Stranded rowers 'overwhelmed by support'

In a statement, the Inspirational Friends team, who are currently on a cargo ship heading for Canada, said:

Rowing an ocean wasn't ever going to be easy, we knew that things could go wrong, and be out of our control. Safe to say we've had a few of these instances!

Both of us have been amazed and overwhelmed by all of the support back home and really can't thank everyone enough.

We set out to row the Atlantic, not to drift it, and, whilst the race is over for us this time, we are determined to continue raising awareness of cervical cancer and money for our chosen charities, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and Myton Hospice.

– Inspirational Friends team

Hungover drivers danger

A hangover following a night of heavy drinking can impair driving performance as much as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Research from the University of the West of England, and Utrecht University says the findings that driving performance was adversely affected by hangovers should be incorporated into driver safety campaigns.

Hangovers can make you a dangerous driver according to new research


Bridge to nowhere

The bridge at Swindon station doesn't appear to lead anywhere Credit: Nic Jansen

On Thursday we brought you the story about a Zebra crossing in Bristol that was at a dead end. The crossing is at the bottom of a cul-de-sac and bordered by a large hedge. Motorists couldn’t travel over it if they wanted to.

That prompted one viewer of The West Country Tonight to email photos of a bridge at Swindon station appearing to show a footbridge leading to nowhere. Nic Jansen sent the photo to our news desk. If there's a story you think we should be covering there are a number of ways to contact us.

The picture was sent in after we reported a zebra crossing that was at a dead end Credit: Nic Jansen
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