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Somerset teenager reaches Turkey on his unicycle

Ed Pratt is aiming to be the first person to unicycle around the world Credit: Ed Pratt

A Somerset teenager who aims to be the first person to unicycle around the world has crossed his first continent.

Ed Pratt left his home in Taunton in March to begin the journey which could take two years to complete. He has passed through Europe and is now continuing through Turkey.

Thank you to all the Europeans that hosted me, filled up my water bottles, fed me, fixed the unicycle, bought me beer, cheered as I rode past and wrote kind words of encouragement through messages and comments.

I know that in the context of my whole world trip, crossing Europe is still just scratching the surface, but it still feels amazing to finally arrive in Turkey after almost three months on the road.

I can't wait to start making some more progress into Turkey and excited to reveal what the second continent of this amazing tour has to offer.

– Ed Pratt


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