Anti-badger cull campaign

Campaigners who are against the badger cull are fighting against the trial in Gloucestershire and Somerset.

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Badger Trust at the High Court

A judicial review is underway at the High Court in London with the Badger Trust charity seeking to challenge the Government's decision to allow badger culling.

The first trials are due to take place in Gloucestershire and Somerset, and if successful would be rolled out across the rest of the country.

The cull is being proposed as a way of cutting down on the spread of tuberculosis (TB) from badgers to cattle.

Currently 25,000 cattle are being slaughtered every year after becoming infected with the disease, which it is believed is being passed on by badgers.

The Badger Trust is asking the High Court to stop a planned cull of badgers. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Opponents say that culling might actually increase the spread of TB by making members of a partly culled badger set roam in search of a new territory, spreading the disease even further.

They say vaccinating badgers could be a better answer.

This morning a team from Brock Vaccination, a specialist company set up to vaccinate badgers, were out on a smallholding near Hartpury in Gloucestershire.

The landowner there doesn't think culling is the only solution, and wants to make sure that the badgers on her land are vaccinated against TB.

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