Zoo's Baby Giraffe

Paignton Zoo is celebrating the arrival of a baby giraffe. The zoo now has six giraffes, six years after three were killed in a fire.

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Paignton Zoo's new giraffe is a girl

Paignton Zoo's newest giraffe is a baby girl, keepers have confirmed.

They say the as yet un-named calf is doing well but, because her mother would not feed her, she has been separated from the herd and is being fed from a bottle.

Matthew Webb, Senior Head Keeper of Mammals said:

“She is now feeding very well from keepers and is on 4 feeds a day, consuming up to 8 litres a day. This will increase slightly as she gets bigger, up to a maximum of around 10 or 12 litres a day.”

Zoo staff have yet to decide what to call the youngster.

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