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Transport key for economic growth

A report presented to the West of England Joint Transport ExecutiveCommittee today has found that a range of planned transport schemes for the West of England are critical to its future economic growth.

Produced by independent consultants Atkins, ‘Unlocking our Potential: The Economic Benefits of Transport Investment in the West of England’ looks at how the schemes would support economic growth and job creation, impact on Gross ValueAdded (GVA) and the return on the capital investment.

Our report shows that investment in these schemes will play acritical role in unlocking new growth and creating jobs in the West ofEngland.“We interviewed businesses, property agents and representative organisations to explore the impacts of the transport schemes on the West of England. One business told us that if these schemes do not go ahead there will be real limitations on businesses’ ability togrow.”

– Jonathan Foster-Clark, Atkins

The report also says the transport schemes would effectively unlock almost 19,000 jobs across seven key growth areas. The three rapid transit schemes, alongside the Bath Transportation Package and the Weston Package, are estimated to unlock a £600 million increase in future economic output.

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