Money for A303 upgrade study

The Government has announced funding to look into widening the A303, which runs from Wiltshire to Cornwall but has a number of bottlenecks in its single carriageway stretches.

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Government spending plan in the South West

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, has announced plans to boost the country's economy by investing billions of pounds in a series of major infrastructure projects, which will have a big impact in our region.

They include:

  • A multi-billion pound guarantee to advance the new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point
  • £10 million to be spent nationally to clear the backlog of repairs in schools plus investment to create new school places
  • Further £250 million investment in superfast broadband
  • £370 million fund to improve flood defences will increase every year to 2020. The Government has also agreed a deal on flood insurance.
  • £10 billion of investment in road repairs, including pot holes
  • Investment on widening roads, including the A303 which runs through Wiltshire to Cornwall

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