New home for the Gromits

Organisers of the Gromit Unleashed Summer Arts Trail have announced a change of venue for the mass-gathering of the model sculptures for five days in September.

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Two more Gromits vandalised in Bristol

The plinth in Queens Square where Bark at Ee should be standing. Credit: ITV News West Country

Two more of the Gromit statues forming an arts trail across Bristol have been vandalised.

The distinctive red and white "Bark at Ee" sculpture has had to be removed from his plinth in Queens Square.

Patch, who guarded Chesterfield Hospital has also gone for repairs. It brings the total of vandalised Gromits to five.

But the good news is Groscar is due back this evening after surgery.

Patch has also gone for repair. Credit: ITV News West Country

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