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Watch out for abnormal load on the M4

The third and last transformer is making its way from Didcot Power Station to Avonmouth docks. It is almost 100m long and 5m wide and will take up two lanes of motorways and the entire width of normal roads. It is travelling at an average speed of 4 mph, slower on hills.

  • Saturday - due to leave Membury services at 10am, leaving the M4 at J18 (Tormarton) for the A46. Arrive Tog Hill car park at 5pm for overnight stop
  • Sunday - Safety checks then leave Tog Hill 8-9 am
  • It will travel to Wick by the A420 (11am) where steel plates will be laid so it can pass over two culverts.
  • It will continue to the A4174. At Bromley Heath roundabout the road will be closed to the M32 junction so the load can travel on the wrong side of the dual carriageway to avoid a weak bridge.
  • At the junction with Bristol Road, the load will return to the correct carriageway and continue onto the M32
  • It will then rejoin the M4 before taking the M5 to Avonmouth.

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