Bristol artist's Ghost Boat vision

Luke Jerram, the artist behind the massively popular Park & Slide in Bristol and the street pianos project has come up with a new idea involving boats - not at sea, but in Leigh Woods near Bristol

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Artist plans to get Bristol in the swing

Luke Jerram came into our studio to tell us about his Ghost Boat vision and other artistic endeavours Credit: ITV News

Bristol artist Luke Jerram has become known throughout the world thanks to his street piano project and the Park and Slide which had hundreds of people shooting down Park Street on a water slide.

Well his artistic plans haven't stopped there.

You can read about his Ghost Boats project here.

When Luke came into the studios to tell us about his plans he let slip that he has a vision of getting Bristol in the swing.

He has put in a planning application for 200 swings across the city hanging from cranes and buildings. And adults as well as children will be encouraged to have a go.

But will he get permission? Watch this space.

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