Cornish pasty fears eased

Chewing it over: fears have eased that a new trade deal could threaten the Cornish pasty Credit: Stephen Kelly/PA Wire

Fears that the Cornish pasty could fall victim to international imposters following a new trade deal with America have been allayed.

Concerns were raised when Germany warned that the EU would not be able to uphold laws protecting regional foods under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a proposed free trade agreement with the US.

However Christian Schmidt, the German agriculture minister, later clarified his statements, stating he wanted to protect the labels. An EU spokesman confirmed that Europe would not allow existing protection for recognised products to be weakened.

The Cornish pasty has had protected status since 2011.

"Anything which allowed an American market to manufacture Cornish pasties marked as such would make a nonsense of the whole system we have here.

"Protective status has been a very positive thing for our industry here in Cornwall. We have seen a terrific increase in the consumer interest in genuine pasties, and demand is also increasing.

"I think people in Cornwall have said protective status has been a good thing."

– Ruth Huxley, Cornish Pasty Association