Barnstaple outlet launches 2,500 calorie burger

Barnstaple outlet launches 2,500 calorie burger Credit: ITV News

A restaurant in Barnstaple has come up with a hamburger with two-and-a-half thousand calories, featuring 15 different types of bacon.

As well as smoked and unsmoked back and streaky, there's mortadella, pancetta, sausage patty, bacon burger and ...

There's bacon crisps in there, bacon dust, bacon salt, cream cheese that's been infused with bacon, there's chicken fried bacon.

It doesn't sound the most healthy thing and it probably isn't the most healthy thing you'll ever eat in your whole life but you know everything in moderation once or twice isn't going to hurt you so you know it's just a bit of fun, you know the name seems to grab a lot of peoples attention as well because of the link with the book and that I think that's why people like it.


At 2,500 calories it's your daily intake, there's even some lettuce. On a serious note it'll raise five pounds per burger for North Devon Hospice when it goes on sale next month.

The film themed bacon bap is making news around the world, even in US burger loving of A.