Statement: Managing Director of Averies Recycling in Marshgate

The Managing Director of Averies Recycling (Swindon) Ltd has this statement on the company website.

On 21 July a fire broke out at our Marshgate waste transfer depot in Swindon.

Since then, we have been working tirelessly, day and night, with the fire authorities, Swindon Borough Council and the Environment Agency to try to extinguish the fire. We have had a very positive and constructive relationship with fire authorities throughout what has been a very complex situation, and have also cooperated fully with the council.

As MD, I am very sorry that this fire has had such a significant effect on so many people, and I regret any discomfort or inconvenience that residences or businesses may have suffered.

As a responsible, regulated company that is part of an industry that minimises environmental damage by recycling waste material, our priority is to continue to work with partners to resolve this problem I would like thank our fantastic staff who are continuing to work so hard to get the site back to normal.

And I also thank all our customers and others for their messages of support, and for bearing with us at this time.

– Lee Averies, MD Averies Recycling (Swindon) Ltd