Devon's beavers have begun to breed

Wild beavers living on a river in Devon have been breeding. The River Otter Beaver Project has been monitoring the animals, which are the first wild colony in England for centuries.

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Relief for River Otter's beavers

These shots of a baby beaver (kit) with an adult are proof that the colony is breeding Credit: Tom Buckley

A family of beavers that made their home along the River Otter in Devon are being allowed to stay - for the next five years at least.

As many as ten of the animals have set up home along the river. They haven't lived freely in our countryside for centuries but Natural England says they can remain while conservationists study their impact on the environment.

Devon Wildlife Trust comes with eyes open to this project. We know what it means because we have studied these animals for three years. I'm sitting on a tree that has been felled by these animals so they can bring change to our landscape, but that doesn't mean destruction. That means opportunities for other kinds of wildlife.

– Steve Hussey, Devon Wildlife Trust
Beavers were here! Devon Wildlife Trust is to study the impact of the animals over the next five years Credit: ITV News

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