Derriford transport links receive big cash boost

New plans will see major upgrades to transport in Derriford Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

A £12 million grant to fund transport improvements has been granted to Plymouth for use throughout Derriford.

As part of the grant £10.6 million will be contributed towards the Derriford Transport Scheme, which will see a major upgrade to the roundabout and provide additional traffic lanes, new bus lanes and improved traffic signals, as well as improvements to the William Prance Road junction.

A further £1.4 million has been approved for an upgrade of the bus interchange at Derriford Hospital. It will create a new two-way bus link and separate taxi and passenger drop-off points.

It is part of a ‘master plan’ of highway improvements that will help to unlock development and deliver 9,000 new jobs and 3,000 new homes in the north of the city.

These schemes will help to keep traffic moving as our city grows, improve bus journey times and reliability and provide better walking and cycling facilities.

– Councillor Mark Coker, Cabinet Member for Transport