Launch of the 'Pee-Power' toilet

University of the West of England and Oxfam generate pee power toilet Credit: ITV

Researchers at the University of the West of England have developed a urinal that generates electricity as you pee.

It's a joint project with Oxfam which it's hoped will provide light for cubicles in refugee camps which can be dark and dangerous places.

The technology is being described as a huge step forward in green power generation.

Oxfam is an expert at providing sanitation in disaster zones, and it is always a challenge to light inaccessible areas far from a power supply. This technology is a huge step forward.

Living in a refugee camp is hard enough without the added threat of being assaulted in dark places at night. The potential of this invention is huge.

– Andy Bastable, Head of Water and Sanitation at Oxfam