Businesses leaving Clifton due to parking scheme

Businesses in Bristol have told ITV News they're moving out of an area earmarked for the latest residents' parking zone

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Businesses leaving Clifton due to new parking scheme

Residents parking in Clifton Credit: ITV Westcountry

A survey has revealed nearly 85% of business owners are against Bristol's latest residents' parking zone which comes into effect on Monday.

Around a third of respondents also said the Clifton Village scheme has already led them to quit the area or was likely to.

Spencer Buck, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Taxi Studio, will be moving his 30 employees out of Clifton before the summer.

But Mayor George Ferguson, who is responsible for implementing the schemes across Bristol, today insisted feedback from other areas has been positive.

It damages us enormously. I'm deeply worried about the future of Clifton Village.

It's a micro-economy and it operates on a delicate basis. The scheme isn't right and I fear for the success of the business owners.

I think the area will degenerate. If people can't come in and park they will go elsewhere.

– Spencer Buck, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Taxi Studio

I acknowledge that change is challenging but recognise that the schemes require some people to change their travelling habits and will never be the perfect solution for everyone.

– George Ferguson, Bristol Mayor

The issue is set for a stormy debate at Bristol City Council next Tuesday when campaigners will challenge the legality of the entire idea.

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