Katie Hopkins condemned over 'disgraceful' dementia comments

The Devon columnist has once again caused controversy Credit: Ian West/ PA

Katie Hopkins has been accused of making "disgraceful" and "ill-informed" remarks about dementia patients by a leading charity.

The Devon businesswoman and reality TV star is well-known for her outspoken and provocative comments. She recently tweeted about dementia sufferers "blocking beds".

Posting on Twitter, she continued "The day I am diagnosed with dementia is the day I book my ticket to Dignitas,"

"Ultimately, if your family member is in hospital with dementia because you are not caring for them - you have no right to be outraged."

George McNamara, head of policy and public affairs at the Alzheimer's Society, said: "These disgraceful remarks only serve to reinforce the stigma that sadly prevents many people with dementia from feeling like valued members of society.

"Ill-informed comments such as these go against all that we know about dementia. People with the condition tell us that with the right support it is entirely possible to live well and take real enjoyment out of daily life.

"The 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK deserve far more than to be used as bait by people stoking controversy."