West Country tourists caught up in Tunisia attack

The funeral of one of the victims of the Tunisian beach attack is taking place in Wiltshire. John Welch from Corsham and his partner Eileen Swannack were among 30 Britons who lost their lives.

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Family do not blame gunman for Eileen Swannack's death

The family of a woman who was shot dead in the Tunisian tourist attack has said they do not blame the gunman.

Eileen Swannack, from Biddestone near Chippenham, was murdered along with her partner John Welch and 28 other Britons last month.

Before her funeral service today, the vicar told ITV News that her family did not blame the gunman Seifeddine Rezgui. But, instead, they think the wider political situation contributed to the killings.

Following the service her family released a statement where they said Eileen and John, had holidayed in Sousse for many years.

Eileen was always full of energy. She exuded youthfulness, had a lust for life, and a real sense of fun and mischief. She had a heart of gold and was always first to offer help to others.

Eileen enjoyed socialising, and frequently enjoyed nights out listening to local bands. Her favourite was a local guitarist and vocalist called Brad Stevens, and Eileen and her friends became known locally as the Bradettes!

John Welch had become her close companion around eight years ago and the couple enjoyed holidaying together. They had visited Sousse, in Tunisia for the preceding four years, loving the resort and sunshine. Eileen adored the fair weather at home as well, and took every opportunity to spend time out in the garden, which she loved, carefully tending to her precious fish pond.

– Eileen's family
Eileen Swannack and Granddaughter Lorren Swannack Credit: Family

Eileen grew up in Bristol and was one of five siblings. She met her husband Eddie and in the mid 1960’s the couple moved to Biddestone. Eileen was sadly widowed in 2005, and she remained in Biddestone, supported by her family and friends.

Eileen Swannack and step-granddaughter Sam Vaughan Credit: Family

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