Does this record-breaking emoji put a smile on your face?

Emoji’s first known use was in 1997 but it joined the dictionary in May. Credit: Fanclub PR

Two gigantic smiley face emojis have cropped up in the fields of Bath and Chippenham overnight.

They're both part of a record-breaking campaign by a mobile phone company which they say wanted "to help the nation wake up with a smile on its face."

The advertising stunt involved a 100 foot happy face crop circle being made in a field and another painted by local artists near Bath station.

The first smiley face to appear was in a wheat and barley field near Chippenham.

The second involved a team of twenty-five artists who worked through the night to give commuters on train lines near Bath a smile this morning.

An emoji refers to any small images, symbols, or icons used when texting. Credit: Fanclub PR