Message in a bottle - all the way from The Bahamas

Hotelier Francesca McCarthy with the bottle on St Martin's Credit: John Hall

When Isles of Scilly hotel manager Francesca McCarthy picked up an empty bottle on the beach she at first thought it was just another piece of rubbish. But on closer inspection the bottle revealed a message that showed it had crossed the Atlantic from The Bahamas.

Francesca, who manages the Karma Resort on St Martin's, was on a photoshoot with Chris Hall when they came across the bottle. Inside was a message from William Tallman and his wife. The couple from South Carolina in the USA had been celebrating a second honeymoon when they dropped the message into the sea from their yacht in May 2014.

Intact - the message written more than a year ago Credit: John Hall

"Chris Hall a local photographer was here to photograph the new restaurant and rooms after the refurbishment and whilst walking to the quay after the shoot we noticed what we thought was litter on the beach. When we went to pick it up we discovered the wine bottle had a message inside.

"We excitingly opened the bottle with a cork screw and took the yellow scroll out. As we unravelled at we had no clue what the message was going to be but we both were grinning from ear to ear reading this message dated over a year ago from a couple who had spent their second honeymoon in the Bahamas. It's crazy to think that the bottle and message was preserved so well after its long journey over the Atlantic.

– Francesca McCarthy, hotelier