Reunited: James Cracknell and his son with the family they saved

Jim Greatorex held back tears as he thanked James Cracknell. Credit: ITV News

Today a grandfather held back tears as he was reunited with the man who saved his and his grandson's life - Olympic rower James Cracknell.

He had waded in to try to reach his 7-year-old grandson Emerson, who was in trouble off Croyde beach. They ended up both being saved from drowning by the sportsman and his son Croyde, who is named after the beach.

Now Mr Greatorex and his family have had the chance to thank them both - and as he said today, 11-year-old Croyde is just as much a hero as his famous father.

The Cracknells were surfing when Croyde spotted the pair struggling in the water. Credit: SWNS