Banksy exhibition in Weston-super-Mare

Banksy's Dismaland on the seafront at Weston-super-Mare is being dismantled after a hugely successful five week run. 155,000 visited the exhibition which is thought to have brought a £20 million boost to the town's economy. The wood from the exhibits is being taken to Calais to make shelters for the refugees.

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Banksy: The coincidences too big to ignore

What links Banksy to the Tropicana? Credit: ITV West Country

What links Banksy to the Tropicana? We've compiled a list of coincidences too big to ignore.

  • A woman thought to be Holly Cushing - widely thought to be Banksy's manager and who is named as an executive producer on Exit Through the Gift Shop, a film about Banksy - was seen holding a coffee and chatting to security as she made her way into the building last month.
  • Financial records show she also set up a limited company called Dismaland Ltd with Simon Durban, who is thought to be Banksy's accountant, on May 1.
  • Banksy has long been associated with the term 'Grey Fox', the name given to the film production.
  • The PR company used by 'Grey Fox' is the same as the one used by Banksy.

It seems some of you were suspicious as well.

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