Triple titans cause a stink at Eden Project

For the first time ever, the Eden Project has three Titan arums – the world’s biggest and smelliest flower – side by side in the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project. When it flowers, it lets out a putrid stench that many liken to rotting flesh, hence its nickname of “corpse flower”. In the wild, the smell attracts insects and animals that pollinate the plant.

Titan Arums in the Rainforest biome Credit: Eden Project

“I’m very excited to be bringing these horticultural marvels to Eden’s Rainforest Biome this year. "I think that Titan arums are a spectacular plant and I’m happy to see that they have captured the imagination of our visitors too.”

– Tim Grigg, Eden Project
The Arums can reach 3 metres high Credit: Eden Project