Wiltshire schoolchildren create world's largest paper bag

The record-breaking bag is 73ft-long, 50ft-wide and 11ft-deep. Credit: PaperBagCo

A group of Wiltshire schoolchildren has helped to break the record for the world's largest paper bag.

The pupils at Fitzmaurice Primary School, Bradford-on-Avon used almost a mile of brown paper, a mile of paper string and three miles of paper tape, helping Jon Marling at Paper Bag Co to create the 73ft-long, 50ft-wide bag.

The previous record for the largest shopping bag was 60ft-long and made in Gujarat, India in January 2014.

"Being involved in a world record on the school grounds will have forged some life-long memories for the children.

"For the week around the record attempt we discussed world records with the pupils in depth.

"The children painted pictures on the bag of a world record that has been achieved or one they would like to achieve one day."

– Headteacher Tracey Dunn

Teachers have now submitted evidence of the achievement to Guinness World Records, and expect the record to be confirmed next week. Taking on the record was an attempt to promote using bags made from recyclable materials - the 5p levy on plastic bags is to be introduced next month.

The paper used in making the record-breaking bag will be made into smaller souvenir bags for the children to take home.