Gallery: Vauxhall car fires

Two women from Plymouth who've forced Vauxhall to carry out an investigation into a series of mystery fires in one of their models say they've been contacted by dozens of other people about problems they've had.

Sue Freemantle and Claire Wheatley began their campaign following fires in their 2007 Zafiras - but say people have reported fires in models dating back to 2003.

Many of you have also got in touch with us via our Facebook page to report problems.

Our Vauxhall Zafira caught fire in a petrol station - from smoke to flames in under three minutes - that's not a long time to get two or three kids out of a car when panic sets in, or worse, someone with a disability.

We will always be grateful for the fire brigade - no one was hurt.

– Lisa Thompson, via Facebook

Clive Stevens from Penryn sent us a picture of his Zafira going up in flames.

Clive Stevens said his car had been running smoothly before this. Credit: Clive Stevens

Mine went up in June this year, I think it was an electrical fault, due to having just put on the screen blowers - but now I wonder

– Clive Stevens

Dawn Ingham has also had problems, but with an 08 model of the Zafira. Here it is in flames on her drive:

Dawn Ingham owns an 08 model of the Zafira. Credit: Dawn Ingham

And this was what happened to a Zafira belonging to the Darke family from Crownhill in Plymouth:

Jo said it only took 30 seconds for the fire to take hold. Credit: Jo Darke

Our car never had any problems beforehand. It was running smoothly and had a full service history. We were told it was an electrical fault.

– Jo Darke

Vauxhall Statement:

"We are aware of reports concerning vehicle fires involving right-hand drive versions and have begun an internal investigation to determine the root causes of these fires. The safety of our customers is our number one priority."