Revealed: plans to demolish Westbury's towering chimney

The owners of the giant former cement works site in Westbury say they hope to demolish the site's famous chimney.

The 400ft high stack hasn't been used since 2009, when it retired after more than half a century of operation.

The town's chimney is 120m high - the same height as Salisbury Cathedrale Credit: ITV West Country

It's part of a proposed redevelopment of the site by construction company Tarmac. They're in talks with Wiltshire Council to renovate the disused site and attract more investment.

The owners want to clear the buildings to make way for something new Credit: ITV

The cement works has been closed now for about six years, and it's time for us to try to get new investment and new jobs into the site, so we're going to be demolishing all the redundant and derelict buildings.

– *wwcmoscg [A] GMB Name Strap Jonathan Toyn Senior Estates Manager, Tarmac

A controlled explosion will be used to flatten the chimney - if all the relevant permissions can be obtained.