Mum gives birth early to fight cancer

Heidi Loughlin has given birth 12 weeks early Credit: Heidi Loughlin

A pregnant woman has given birth to her baby 12 weeks prematurely - so that she can begin treatment for breast cancer.

Heidi Loughlin, from Portishead, has a rare and aggressive form of the disease.

Doctors have recommended that she undertake intensive therapy, which could save her life, but would put the baby's health at risk. For months she's put her life at risk to save the life of her baby.

Today (Dec 11) Ally Louise Smith was born.

Keith and I are absolutely thrilled to announce the safe arrival of our daughter formally known as chocolate mousse.

She was born today via c section at 1237. She came out foot first and is breathing on her own. She weighs 2lb 5ozs. She has a Loughlin nose and she has more hair than me!!!

Will post photos soon but in the mean time please welcome Ally Louise Smith xxxxxx

– Heidi Loughlin