Conservationists breathe sigh of relief as beaver activity spotted

new evidence has been uncovered to show they the beavers have simply relocated Credit: Devon Wildlife Trust

Beavers are very much alive and well in Devon, a wildlife charity has said.

Concerns were raised last month about a lack of sightings of beavers but now new evidence has been uncovered to show they may have simply relocated.

Devon Wildlife Trust says it is currently monitoring four 'active areas' along the River Otter, where it has seen fresh evidence of the beavers' presence.

We knew the beavers had not ‘disappeared’ but it’s good to be able to report recent evidence showing that they are still active on the river. Beavers are mobile animals and it’s quite common for them to shift their lodges and feeding grounds. There’s lots of room for beavers on this river so it’s unsurprising that they have relocated from the places that we saw them last spring and summer.

– Mark Elliott, River Otter Beaver Trial manager
An adult beaver being released back into the wild in Devon in March