Prime suspect in Genette Tate's disappearance dies in prison

A notorious killer who was suspected by many for murdering missing Devon schoolgirl, Genette Tate, has died in prison. Robert Black, 68, died in Northern Ireland, where he was serving a life sentence for murdering four other children.

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Genette Tate's mother: 'I don't feel robbed of justice'

The smiling face of Genette Tate which appeared on notice boards all over the West Country after her disappearance in 1978. Credit: ITV West Country

The mother of Genette Tate has said she doesn't feel robbed of justice following the death of Robert Black, despite it being the last opportunity for her family to find out the truth behind their daughter's disappearance.

Sheila Cook has never found out what happened to her daughter who vanished while on her paper round in Aylesbeare.

The bike she was riding was found by friends abandoned on the road.

Despite an exhaustive search, her body has never been found.

I hoped that one day Robert Black might talk, though what the incentive would be I didn't know and deep down in my heart I felt that he wouldn't. It doesn't matter to me that he's not going to be charged with the kidnap and murder of Genette, I don't feel robbed of justice because it would have been an empty charge. We still wouldn't have known what happened or where she is. It wouldn't have answered any of our questions or given me any comfort to just give him another life sentence added to those he was already serving.

So, an evil man has died and I'm not sorry about that. I reflect on what an utter waste of life that he's lived and the misery he has caused to so many families. I am sorry for us, I'm sorry for them, but not for him.

– Sheila Cook, mother of Genette Tate

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