Police send helicopter to crying goat after answering a call looking for a person in distress

A police helicopter wasn't kidding around when it answered a call looking for a person in distress. But after deploying it's thermal imaging cameras officers found the somewhat unhuman-like culprit.

Thankfully the NPAS officers were less than gruff and saw the funny side of the situation - posting the confusion to Twitter, where other National Police Air Services responded to the goat incident.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary said they had not recorded the incident as as it was not regarded as "important".

A feral goat in Northumberland Credit: PA Images

It's not the first time a goat has caused problems for police in the Avon Gorge. Last year the Filton helicopter made a 40-mile round trip to the Cheddar Gorge in Somerset after reports a child was crying out for help. In fact they found a goat and her kid bleating away.

The six feral goats, who live in a part of the Gorge called The Gully, are looked after by two rangers from Bristol City Council and are given veterinary care by Bristol Zoo.

If members of the public do see a goat in trouble, they are encouraged to report it to Bristol City Council rather the police.