Chancellor: EDF are committed to Hinkley Point

An artist's impression of the how the new Hinkley Point C station will look Credit: PA

Chancellor George Osborne says he believes the French government, which owns the energy firm EDF, is committed to building a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.

He was responding to MPs' questions after reports that the project, on the Somerset coast, could be further delayed due to financial and technical concerns.

"We're working with the French government and all the signs are they are commited to the project. I think this is a very good example of how the United Kingdom working with France and attracting investment from Asia, is getting a new generation of nuclear power underway- something that was promised for 20 years or more but hasn't happened. It's now going to take place in Somerset."

– Chancellor George Osborne

On Monday the Financial Times reported that the final approval for the long-awaited Hinkley Point nuclear reactor in Somerset could be delayed by up to a year.

The French energy firm EDF has yet to make a final announcement on whether it will go ahead with the £18billion project, despite securing investment from China last year.

The decision could now be made in 2017, with reports that EDF are looking for more investors to help take on the debt.