Young spy recruitment drive launched in Cornwall

A large recruitment drive has been launched for the next generation of James Bond spies, in Cornwall.

Credit: PA

The Cornwall brand of Britain's biggest intelligence agency GCHQ has announced it's looking for spies to be based at the National Cyber Security Centre to help them tackle the global security threat posed by hackers.

The head of station, who's to remain anonymous, said it was working closely with local schools and colleges to develop the spy skills needed to get a job at GCHQ.

Over the past couple of years we have recruited 90 extra staff. We are looking for people with skills in IT and software development, an aptitude for cyber work and an interest in security.

You have to be curious, intelligent, alert and interested in what's going on.

– head of National Cyber Security Centre

Young spies would be working at the secret site that covers 85 acres on a clifftop in Bude, Cornwall.