AWOL skunk causes big stink

The crime rate maybe virtually zero but that doesn't make the police force redundant - especially when one smelly culprit has made a bid for freedom.

It's now become such an issue that the Isles of Scilly Police are lending a hand to a somewhat pungent appeal to track down a missing albino skunk.

All-white Milli disappeared while being taken for a walk by its owner more than a month ago.

Sergeant Colin Taylor, renowned for his lighthearted broadcasting of life on the Islands, is now issuing a stark warning to other skunk owners to ensure their pet is kept well and truly harnessed.

Uploading a missing poster onto the police Facebook page, he wrote:

Naturally enough they are very keen to have her back.

So keen that uniquely I can announce they have put up a reward for this crepuscular critter. A bounty for an AWOL Skunk.

We are looking to bring this one in alive so a sighting that leads to her safe recovery will net you £250 and £500 for a live capture.

– Sgt Colin Taylor
Sgt Colin Taylor Credit: ITV West Country

He was quick to warn keep hunters however that although she does not attack, "she may bite if grappled with".

If wrestling skunks is your thing then I imagine you have few friends outside of the backwater swamps of Tennessee.

However in this instance I can inform you that even Pepé Le Pew cannot find Milli as she has been de-scented (she cannot squirt pong on you).

– Sgt Colin Taylor

Signing off his message he left a gentle reminder... "DO NOT BRING A SKUNK TO THE POLICE STATION."

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