Adorable baby giraffe hand reared by keepers after mother rejects him

The calf was rejected by his mother Janica Credit: Paignton Zoo

Staff at Paignton are making room for a new arrival after the arrival of this adorable giraffe.

The Rothschild calf was born to mother Janica on Thursday, but after rejecting him, he is now being hand-reared by keepers.

The baby giraffe, who has not yet been named, is already nearly six feet tall and will need to be fed four times a day.

He could need milk for up to nine months.

The calf could need milk for up to nine months Credit: Paignton Zoo

He has taken milk from us, he is getting the hang of it.

He is separated from the group but can see them all, for the first few days it is important to keep him separate to allow him to bond with the keepers so he feels comfortable enough to feed from them.

As soon as possible he will be reintroduced to the herd so he doesn’t forget he is a giraffe!

– Senior Keeper Craig Gilchrist
The amount of gold top milk the calf will take in a day.
The baby will take in around 10 per cent of his body weight in milk each day.

His father, Yoda, came from Givskud Zoo in Denmark, and arrived at Paignton in September 2006. Janica came to the zoo from Duvr Kralove Zoo in the Czech Republic.

Credit: Paignton Zoo