D-Day Veteran: I feel 'distraught' at Brexit

A veteran who fought in the Second World War has told ITV News that Brexit has left him with the same "sinking feeling" he experienced when Britain declared war on Germany in 1939.

Eric Jay from Bristol used Facebook to beg Britain not to vote to leave, saying he didn't fight for disunity.

In the run up to the referendum Eric used Facebook to share his views. Credit: Eric Jay/ Facebook

After the result was declared, the 91 year old said he was feeling it "very acutely".

He added that he feels the future has become more uncertain.

I haven't seen any plan that they've got for the future - we just don't know.

We've had a lot of nonsense about getting our country back, absolute rubbish, I just don't know what the Brexit-eers are going to do.

– Eric Jay, veteran and remain campaigner