ITV cameraman gets up close of personal with angry ants

We don't want to give you an itch but our cameraman has been filming in a large ants nest with a 360 camera.

The ants don't seem to mind, although at one point cameraman Jamie had to clear a few out of the lens.

The footage comes on the day many claim is Flying Ant Day - the day of the year when both queen ants miraculously sprout wings and take off - and hundreds of male ants also sprout wings to follow here because they mate in midair.

In theory the event can cover four or five days depending on the weather.

It usually happens at the end of July, but the sudden weekend heat means lots of flying ants have already been spotted - and where one goes, the rest tend to follow as ITV journalist Laura Heads discovered on her walk to work this morning:

If you're suffering with flying ants below are 3 tips on how to get rid of them:

  • Find the nests
  • Seal of their entry points
  • Eliminate any food waste