Sweet dreams are made of this

It was all too much for one tiny dormouse. After weeks of frantic feasting in preparation for winter, he curled up for a little rest and drifted off into the deepest of sleeps.

Ranger James Robbins discovered the cute and cuddly rodent snuggled in a nest box on the National Trust estate at Cotehele near Saltash.

A torpid dormouse at Cothele Credit: National Trust/ James Robins

‘Dormice are fattening up for winter now.

They gorge like mad on berries and nuts, especially hazel nuts, which they open in a characteristic fashion, then they sleep, then eat some more until finally they crawl under leaf litter at the base of trees for the winter hibernation.

They’ll become active again in spring.

– Warden James Robbins
Dormice often fall asleep after feasting Credit: National Trust/James Robbins