Social care could see council tax bills increase

Council tax payers across the South West are facing large increases in their bills to help cover the cost of looking after the elderly and vulnerable.

It could see the average tax bill increase by £90 over the next two years, under plans announced by the Government.

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'Like a sticking plaster for a broken leg' - Bristol Mayor reacts to social care funding announcement

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees has dubbed today's government announcement about council funding "like a sticking plaster for a broken leg".

He says the move by the government will actually see them reduce their funding to local authorities, instead expecting "Council Tax payers to foot the bill".

Adult social care services are at breaking point thanks to over half a decade of cuts from central government. Giving councils the ability to minimally increase taxes is like a sticking plaster for a broken leg.

In fact once other changes announced today take effect, the council only sees a net gain of £400k. In doing this the government is actually reducing its funding to us and expecting Council Tax payers to foot the bill.

The government promised to make Britain a country that works for everyone, but ‘solutions’ like this fall dramatically short. This simply increases the burden on local authorities without any meaningful resolution.

– Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol
Marvin Rees said today's announcement was "like a sticking plaster for a broken leg".

He added that the people who will need help in the future were just as important as those being cared for currently.

He said the country must plan ahead to "ensure the growing population can be looked after with dignity".

Marvin Rees called for more dedicated funding rather than short-term "half-solutions which pass the problems around the public sector."

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