Blitz the search dog saves a life

A search and rescue dog is being hailed a hero after saving a woman missing in Falmouth.

Late yesterday evening Blitz, a border collie, and her handler Jess were called out to help find a 51-year-old woman, who'd vanished in the Swanpool area the previous night.

Just before 2am Blitz indicated on an area of deep undergrowth, where the missing female was found in a critical condition.

It's taken years to train Blitz to find people Credit: Cornwall Search and Rescue Team

Due to the effects of two cold nights and some significant injuries, she required immediate assistance from Cornwall Search and Rescue Team medics.

Further team members were deployed to help stabilise her before paramedics arrived and she could be evacuated to a waiting ambulance.

Once again this demonstrates the importance of our air-scenting search dogs, making the months and years of training so worthwhile.

So congratulations to Jess and Blitz on a great find, but also to all the team members who gave up their night to save a life.

– Cornwall Search and Rescue Team
Millie- one of the team's other two search dogs Credit: Cornwall Search and Rescue Team

The Team regularly uses specially-trained dogs to help to locate missing people.

These dogs are normally air scenting dogs which can cover huge areas quickly and effectively.

They operate off the lead and will indicate to their handler when they have found someone.

Izzy is a border collie, like Blitz Credit: Cornwall Search and Rescue Team