Bail bid denied for Taunton Royal Marine convicted of Taliban murder

A Royal Marine who was jailed for the murder of an Afghan insurgent has had his bail bid denied.

Alexander Blackman from Taunton - also known as Marine A - was jailed for shooting a wounded Afghan insurgent five years ago.

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Marine A to have appeal hearing early next year

Marine A will have his appeal hearing early next year

There was disappointment for Marine A's wife and legal team today as the judge denied his bail application. Alexander Blackman from Taunton is currently serving a life sentence for shooting a wounded Afghan fighter 5 years ago.

Speaking a little earlier our political correspondent David Wood us that for a judge to release a convicted murdered on bail there has to be exceptional circumstances and the judge in this case clearly didn't think there were any.

Claire Blackman and their legal team now has their focus set on his appeal which will happen towards the end of January/early February.

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