North Devon District Hospital closure 'not accurate' says Trust

Rumours circulating online are not true the Trust says. Credit: ITV News

The North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust has been forced to issue a statement about false information being shared on social media.

According to the Trust, a Facebook post that has been widely shared states that the emergency department and maternity unit at North Devon District Hospital are closing and that staff have been asked not to speak about the closure until after the election.

A spokesperson for the Trust has said:

This is not accurate. The facts are that urgent and emergency, stroke and maternity services are being reviewed as part of the acute services review. This review is one of seven priorities outlined in the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for wider Devon.

– The North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust
Credit: ITV News

The Trust reassures patients that clinicians are meeting regularly to look out how acute services can be delivered and this work has not finished yet.

The acute services review is "ongoing, and any proposals will be shared once they are finalised". Therefore, the Trust says, "any posts on social media that claim to know the outcome of the acute services review are not based in fact".

If the implementation of any proposals would result in significant change, there will be a formal consultation before final decisions are made, in line with our statutory obligations.

– The North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust