Staff 'imprisoned disabled adults to control them'

Thirteen directors, managers and staff at two care homes have been found guilty of imprisoning disabled adults to punish or control them.

The "organised and systemic abuse" saw vulnerable residents left alone for hours on end with little food or water.

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Disabled victim had 'been abused before' at another home

The mother and sister of one of the victims have told how he had been moved to the Devon care home after being abused at a previous one.

They said the man - who hasn't been named for his protection - had been left haunted by the "abuse and fear".

The man had been a resident at Winterbourne View - where 11 former care workers were sentenced for abusing patients.

In 2011, nine support workers and two nurses were caught on camera, pinning residents down, soaking them in water and trapping them under chairs.

He is still a prisoner from the abuse he suffered at Veilstone and at Winterbourne View.

Instead of being able to enjoy the prime of his life Ben’s experiences were of abuse and fear, that continues to haunt him today.

– Victim's family

They added he had been denied a voice, "no one to explain the kind, warm and loving person he is and how he is thriving with the good quality support he now receives."

This trial acts as another in a series of reminders that the disregard of people with a learning disability has not disappeared from society - our experiences are not alone.

– Victim's family

Alison Millar, head of the abuse law team at Leigh Day, who also worked on the Winterbourne View Care Home case, condemned the attacks.

She said questions needed to be asked of society as to why, despite being several years on from the Winterbourne View case, another "appalling, horrific, scandal" had happened.

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