Tonight: 'How Safe Is a Sun Tan?'

For years experts have advised the public to stay out of the hot summer sun. But how much sun is too much? Kylie Pentelow investigates in ITV's Tonight show, airing Thursday 17 August at 7.30pm

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Sun tanning and skin cancer: Kylie Pentelow's personal investigation

In the Tonight programme, ITV West Country's presenter, Kylie Pentelow, investigates exactly how safe it is to tan in the sun.

The issue is a pertinent and personal one to her, losing her father to skin cancer in 2015.

Her dad found an unusual lump on his arm, which quickly spread to his lymph nodes. After two years of fighting, he passed away at 68 years of age:

  • 'How Safe is a Sun Tan?' will be airing on ITV's Tonight programme tonight, Thursday 17 August at 7.30pm.

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