Fundraising campaign set up to save orphaned Exmoor pony

'Lady Luna' a wild Exmoor pony rescued by the Exmoor Pony Project Credit: Dawn Westcott

Horse lovers who discovered an orphaned Exmoor pony named 'Lady Luna', after she was found on the night of a full moon, are raising funds to save her.

The two to four week old foal was found by Dawn Westcott and her husband Nick while they were out on a trek through an Exmoor valley. It was still with its mother that had probably died after getting caught up on fencing.

" Although she was wild-born and wary, I sat with Lady Luna for a while and managed to make a connection with her. We introduced her to our Exmoor ponies Monty and Monsieur Chapeau - himself a previously rescued wild-born foal - and by the time we left her, I could tentatively start to stroke her on the shoulder and neck."

– Dawn Westcott
Rescued foal being introduced to ponies at The Exmoor Pony Project Credit: Dawn Westcott

Dawn and her husband Nick rode home and then came back with a trailer to rescue the foal and bring her to their farm where they have set up The Exmoor Pony Project with over 30 rescued ponies.

They managed to encourage Lady Luna to feed from a bottle and are now caring for her. But the costs of keeping the foal are high for feed, bedding and vet fees. So they're now crowdfundingto raise more money to look after the foal and give her a good start in life.

Dawn Westcott caring for orphaned Exmoor pony foal Credit: Dawn Wescott