New £650,000 skatepark set to be built in Newquay

Work on the park's construction is due to start next year. Credit: Maverick Industries/Concrete Waves

A new skatepark is set to be built in Newquay after the town council secured £650,000 of funding.

Called Concrete Waves, the new park is being billed as one of the best in Europe and will replace the existing Wooden Waves skatepark at Trenance Park.

Work is due to start next year.

The developer says people should be excited about the new facility.

The facility should be seen as a public space available to all and a great addition to the community. Well designed, user group supported concrete skateparks are proven to reduce anti-social behaviour and improve social interaction. The skatepark has been designed within the latest European safety guidelines and is built to host major national and international sporting events.

– Maverick Industries